Why a Facebook Page is NOT Enough For Your Business

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Think of it as renting vs. owning. Sure, it's great and convenient now when something breaks, there's someone else to fix it. Someone else keeps up the property, takes care of the lawn. etc. 

But at the end of the day, it's not yours. You don't have control. If the owner wants to sell it - BYE!

When your business has a website, it has its own virtual home. You market how you want. You say what you want. No one else can come advertise on your website without your permission. You are in control. You're the owner now. 

And depending on your target audience, you may be advertising to the wrong people.

3. Not all of your clients/ customers have a Facebook

Facebook doesn't allow you to optimize your content for search enginges. You may be killin' it on social media, but if you're not coming up on Google, you're leaving $$$ on the table.

2. Lack of Search engine optimization (SEO)

Whether you have a few hundred or a few thousand followers, it could all be taken down tomorrow.

1. It's not yours. 


Download a free mess up-able web template

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Test out a free template that’s made to get messy before investing in your new site!

Seriously- get in there! Click all the buttons. Change everything around. Learn by doing. There’s literally nothing to lose.

is free your favorite flavor?