Top 3 Things Your Website Needs To Increase Conversion Rate

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Your website is your storefront. Just like a brick and mortar with strategically placed product and signing, your website needs strategy too. Take a look at your website. Does it have these 3 things?  

Think of it like a map giving you multiple routes to your destination. If you tried to follow all of the routes at the same time, you'd have Siri yelling at your to turn left, turn right, and turn around. You would be pretty confused, probably get lost, and likely never get to your destination. Users need one clear call-to-action telling them what to do next. Don't get your people lost before they've even made it to you. 

3. Clear Call-to-action

Testimonials are a great way to build the "like, know, trust" factor. Having testimonials on your website is one of the best ways to increase conversions. Share the love. 

2. Social Proof

You ever have so many things to do you just want to take a nap? It's the same concept with your website. When there's too much going on, no matter how pretty it is, users aren't going to know where to begin and likely not take any action at all. Don't put your potential client/customer to sleep.

1. Simplicity


Download a free mess up-able web template

Wanna try before you buy & make sure it’s as easy as I say?

Test out a free template that’s made to get messy before investing in your new site!

Seriously- get in there! Click all the buttons. Change everything around. Learn by doing. There’s literally nothing to lose.

is free your favorite flavor?