5 Reasons Why I Love Showit For My Web Design Business

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Ahhh, the 'ol SEO. The everchanging scary monster of the interwebs. While ways to increase our website's rank on Google is continuously changing by the hour, there are simple things we can implement to tell Google what we're about and improve our website's SEO. I've found many clients and even designers find SEO to be too complicated. But it's not as scary as it makes itself out to be. And thanks to Showit, the web design platform makes it super simple to edit a website's SEO settings giving everyone the ability to easily optimize their website for search engines themselves. 

5. Search engine optimization

DREAM COME TRUE! When I first started my web design business, I primarily wanted to create and sell website templates. However, I wasn't able to find a very good way of doing so and continued on to offer custom web design services. Once I saw Showit offered a simple way to design and share designs to be able to sell website templates, I was sold. 

4. Website Templates

THANK YOU JESUS! One of the main reasons I was wary of other website design platforms is due to the lack of responsive design. With so many different sizes of devices to view a website on and the majority of users viewing on a mobile device, it is absolutely essential that any business' website is mobile-friendly. And it plays a critical role in my web design standards. I end up having to sift through code on a "drag and drop" builder to customize break-points for a website to look good on all devices. I might as well just code the thing myself... So that's what I did. Until I found Showit that is. Showit gives me the ability to design the mobile and desktop version separately while viewing them side by side. 

3. Responsive Mobile Design

Showit has the friendliest and most helpful support PROs I have ever experienced! They are quick to respond with resolutions and even offer emergency support in the event your website is down after hours. This makes for a seamless experience for myself and my clients. I rest easy knowing that if they have any technical issues, Showit is right there ready to help and offer an amazing customer experience. 

2. Customer Support

No more scrolling through hundreds of lines of code to find the comma I missed or to move an element just a nudge. Everything I can see on the page, I can simply click it, drag it, or rotate it. This makes it not only easy for me to use as the designer, but also makes passing on sites to my clients a breeze. A little training, and clients can switch out their images, change their colors, and edit their text without having to hire me again. 

1. Easy-to-use

Showit, Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress, OH MY. With so many website builders out there, it can be difficult to know which  one to choose. I started out designing and developing websites by writing code. I was hesitant to use any drag and drop web design platform for multiple reasons. After researching the heck out of multiple platforms for over a year, I finally found my dream website builder, Showit.  Here are 5 reasons why I decided to transition to Showit for all of my website designs and why I love it.


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